Glasgow’s Vegan Breakfast Club

2018 has already been an impressive year for veganism (and it has barely even begun!) and where better to be than Glasgow? We have so many amazing vegan eateries that many people found taking part in Veganuary an easy and tasty task in this town.

The supermarkets and coffee places have been getting on board with vegan offerings and the news says veganism is now cemented in mainstream society. The number of people going vegan has increased dramatically, but I still see many people on social media saying that they don’t know any vegans in real life, or that they feel a bit isolated in making the transition.

So like the gabby, greedy food fanatic that I am, I decided to start a vegan breakfast club in Glasgow, to get people together and make it a relaxed hangout for people to meet and eat. There’s something nice about having something to do like eating when meeting strangers – it makes the interaction less intense somehow because you have something to focus on and talk about.

The very first Vegan Burd Breakfast Club went down a treat. It was a friendly gathering of likeminded food fans – some of whom were trying the famous vegan square sausage for the first time ever and they loved it.

The next breakfast club is at the mighty Bloc on Sunday 11th February and many may be surprised to learn just how vegan-friendly their menu is. Bloc serves up street food style staples like pizza, hotdogs, burgers and poutine, and they have impressive vegan versions of all of them. At weekends, Bloc dishes up Scottish breakfasts alongside their main menu and there is of course a vegan fry-up, complete with a potato scone, scrambled tofu and their homemade black pudding!


If you would like to come along, grab a ticket here and you can find out about future events here.