• NEW Vegan Ben and Jerry's - Coconutterly Caramel’d! - hitting freezers in January!

    Ben & Jerry’s newest Non-Dairy flavour Coconutterly Caramel’d is launching soon, becoming the first and only coconut flavour in their European...
  • Easy Vegan Scrambled Eggs / Tofu Scramble

    Here's a nice and easy recipe for a simple 'scrambled eggs' alternative which beats the hell out of a traditional scramble in my opinion.INGREDIENT...
  • Vegan Square Sausage Now In Supermarkets

    Simon Howie The Scottish Butcher has just launched its own vegan square sausage, which is available at Morrisons and has also been spotted at Aldi....
  • Cookbook Review: The Occasional Vegan

    It took me years to go fully vegan. I was vegetarian on and off for a long time before dipping my toe into veganism, but old favourites and comfort food often tempted me back. When I went vegan four years ago, finding cake I could eat was a rare treat and I often felt left out or not very well catered for at most restaurants.
  • Elephant Box: Stainless Steel Lunchbox Review

    I love a lunchbox and even more so when it’s plastic-free. Elephant Box sent me one of their stainless steel containers to try and I just know it’s going to be a lifelong love of mine. Sturdy, shiny and smooth around the edges – this lunchbox is a thing of beauty and it’s built to last.
  • Vegan Burd Chocolate Shop

    I started this Vegan Burd thing a few years ago as a food diary on Instagram because I wanted to show how easy and normal vegan food is. Two years ago I decided to play around with making some vegan versions of nostalgic chocolate bars I missed and it blew up into me quitting my day job to do my own thing full time.
  • Vegan Cornettos Are Coming to the UK!

    Cornetto is finally bringing its vegan ice cream cones to the UK! They hit the headlines last year when they introduced the vegan cones in Italy and of course we bombarded them on social media and pleaded they bring them to Britain. Well the wait is almost over and they’ll be launching at Sainsbury’s in February.
  • Glasgow’s Vegan Breakfast Club

    2018 has already been an impressive year for veganism (and it has barely even begun!) and where better to be than Glasgow? We have so many amazing vegan eateries that many people found taking part in Veganuary an easy and tasty task in this town.
  • New Vegan Range at Tesco

    Tesco just launched a huge new vegan range which includes sandwiches and pizza!
  • Starbucks has FOUR vegan milks and a new vegan wrap!

    Starbucks has just introduced oat milk to its menu, bringing their total dairy-free milks to FOUR – more than the number of dairy options! What a time to be a vegan.
  • Vegan Burd Breakfast Club

    Breakfast food is my favourite and even better when it’s carby and fried. I decided to start a breakfast club, so I can eat my way through the best...
  • Costa is Introducing Coconut Milk!

    Costa Coffee is introducing coconut milk in its coffee shops this week! They quietly announced the news on their Instagram stories today and it's a...