Elephant Box: Stainless Steel Lunchbox Review

I love a lunchbox and even more so when it’s plastic-free. Elephant Box sent me one of their stainless steel containers to try and I just know it’s going to be a lifelong love of mine. Sturdy, shiny and smooth around the edges – this lunchbox is a thing of beauty and it’s built to last. I’ve had metal containers in the past, but they’ve often felt thin and flimsy, with rough edges, but this one is in a different league. It’s a durable, beautiful box in which I’m proud to put my lunch and at 2 litres, that’s a whole lot of lunching – ideal for greedy lunchers like me.


While being handy and pretty, these containers are so much better for the environment and your health than plastic ones. No chemicals leaching into your food and no toxic plastic involved. They also don’t hold any weird stains or smells like plastic tubs do – they clean up perfectly.

Packing your own lunch is a great way to be healthy and thrifty and a sturdy container like this prevents any squashed sandwiches. I like to keep mine in my bag when out and about and prevent packaging waste by using it when grabbing food on the go as well.

So choose to reuse, pack a lunch and see if you can cut your plastic and packaging. Less waste, less fuss and less stuff for you to deal with and dispose of.

If you fancy bagging one of these for free, check out the giveaway going on over on my Instagram page to be in with a chance.

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