Review: Good Carma Vegan Parmesan


Parmesan is something I always miss out on. That extra sprinkle of flavour favoured by my friends is always declined when dining out as, like all dairy cheese, it’s not suitable for vegans. You might be surprised to learn that it isn’t suitable for vegetarians either. Parmesan contains rennet, which comes from the lining of a calf’s stomach – not appetising in any way. So I obviously avoid this cruel condiment, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the option of a kinder alternative?

Good Carma Foods sent me a selection of their vegan Parmesan to try and I was delighted at the opportunity to enjoy that savoury sprinkling on nostalgic dishes from the old uninformed days. These condiments are quite clean, containing only a few ingredients and with the added benefits of nutty protein and noochy B12 – this stuff is practically a health food!

I tried it out on top of some of my old favourites including pizza, pasta and chilli, and it worked wonderfully.

I made a comforting pile of tomato pasta, which was perfect with the garlic Parmesan – it was so good I devoured two big bowls.

Another dinner enhanced by this tasty stuff was sausage pizza and sweet potato fries. I used an easy Asda garlic and tomato bread base, with Dee’s sausages and chilli Parmesan on top, accompanied by Parmesan sweet potato fries. Satisfyingly fiery and so tasty.

The last supper I sampled was a vegetable chilli, which I spiced up even more with chilli Parmesan for a cheesy kick.

I was really impressed by this easy cheesy topping because it tasted great and I can’t believe how saintly it is. I’m always reading labels and would expect something this tasty to be trashy, but there’s nothing nasty in it. This cheesy, nutty Parmesan is delicious and a welcome addition to my kitchen cupboard, but I doubt it’ll last long as I’ll be sprinkling liberally. Clean, cruelty-free and full of flavour – finally I can say YES to Parmesan on my plate.

Thanks to the Vegan Lifestyle Association for arranging this review and to Good Carma Foods for providing the products. This wasn’t a paid piece – just generous samples of good food for my honest review.




  1. This parmesan sounds amazing! I’ve never tried a vegan parmesan before, in fact, I didn’t really know you could even get one. I love how they are infused with different flavours too to add a little extra something. I will need to keep an eye out for these in the shops, do you know if they are stocked anywhere in Scotland? 🙂
    Nicole xx

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