Glasgow’s Nuts for Vegan Doughnuts

Glasgow has been nuts about doughnuts for quite some time, from the basic Barras fried favourites, to pop-ups, street sales and new shops full of them. While the city salivates over the newest doughnut den and delights in the big brand coming to town, there are far fresher and more exciting vegan doughnuts to be had.

When the chef at Mono Instagrammed that she was making doughnuts last year, I jumped out of bed, texted my pal the urgent news and we were there enjoying them within the hour. We weren’t the only ones – loads of other expectant Instafans were there for their fix and they sold out ridiculously quickly, as they always do. Testament to the chef’s sweet skills and how much Glasvegans love all things fried and fattening.

Mono doughnuts 2015

There’s a new vegan doughnut maker in town who takes desserts so seriously she declares it on her knuckles. Vegan Nomad Chick, Lisa, doesn’t mess about.

cakelife    dnts

Despite a lack of premises, she started crafting fresh doughnuts and selling them on the street in Glasgow and Edinburgh . These pop-up street sales sold out quickly and eager eaters kept their eyes peeled on Facebook for news of where Lisa’s fried offerings would next appear (join the ‘top secret donuts‘ Facebook group to stay in the doughy loop).

You can get Lisa’s doughnuts at the Flying Duck Vegan Fete or you could order some and devour then instantly like I did.

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