Juice Warrior Edinburgh

A couple of raw juice and food fans have been doing great things for the health and wellness of Scottish folk. Juice Warrior was born out of one couple’s interest in and passion for nutrition and plant-based living. Glasgow’s first raw cold-pressed juice company quickly became a local and national favourite, delivering juice cleanses far and wide, to the corners of the country and popping up at our farmer’s markets, in our yoga studios and even at Vegfest Scotland.

The simple goodness of what they do is appealing. We all want to be a bit healthier, eat a little cleaner and sometimes give our bodies and digestion a bit of a break and Juice Warrior makes it easy and does so with style.

I’m delighted that they will be opening their very own shop in Edinburgh this year and I have no doubt it’ll be warmly welcomed, with Glasvegans, raw food fans and healthy living advocates already enjoying their juice.

I wish these health heroes all the best in this exciting endeavour and I can’t wait to be able to get my greens and vegan goodness at their new home in Edinburgh.


Keep an eye on their website and Facebook for updates!

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