New Chef on the Bloc (Glasgow)

There’s a new chef in town and she’s here to give the Mad Chef a run for his money! Bloc has been smashing it with the vegan options lately, with brilliant burgers and two whole menus of vegan goodness from two different chefs. Danny nailed the first round of Bloc Wars – can new chef Sue compete? The new contender in the kitchen is a qualified nutritionist and accomplished chef, so I was keen to see what she had up her sleeve!

First up: perfect polenta chips with chipotle mayo. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, with a creamy but fiery moreish dip, served with a melt-in-the-mouth salty kale chip on top. Absolutely delicious, every bit of it.


The main meal was a beautiful noodle bowl, with a sliver of ginger curled on top and fine noodles twirled together. Despite its delicate appearance, it was hot stuff baby this evening and my tastebuds were prickling, my face warm, my eyes wide and my senses awakened. Some sweet carrot calmed the dish down but the spicy sauce packed a pickled pepper punch. No messing with this dressing and I loved it.


Tastebuds tingling and with fire in my belly, I needed something sweet and the hazelnut chocolate cheesecake didn’t disappoint. It was like a little Ferrero Rocher and I could indeed have eaten a tower of them like the one in the swanky advert. Small but perfectly formed, this was a treat and one I’d love to see as a regular on the main menu.


The new chef on the Bloc knows how to handle herself and can certainly stand the heat in this fiery kitchen. I look forward to seeing what else she brings to the table and I can’t wait to see what’s next from Bloc’s brilliant brains and creative kitchen.

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