Vegan ‘Tuna’ Mayo

I’ve never really missed fish. I was never that into it and I didn’t like the taste much, but I did enjoy a nice big bowl of tuna pasta. Creamy, comforting, filling and with a nice sweet and savoury hit. I think it was the accompaniments I enjoyed and how the flavours came together, rather than the tuna itself, but it was a decent dish overall.

Chickpeas are the unlikely ingredient of the moment, making all sorts of weird and wonderful things and ‘chickpea tuna’ intrigued me. I had read that mashed chickpeas worked well as a tuna substitute and someone on Instagram had made mayo with the brine left behind in the chickpea tin, so I had my mind set on making tuna mayo for a pile of pasta!

tuna pasta

Get a tin of chickpeas and you’re good to go, with a few other bits and bobs. Make sure you keep the liquid drained too. Here’s how I made my tuna mayo:


Chickpeas (mashed with a fork or pulsed a bit in the blender)
Sushi nori/seaweed sheet (crumbled and blended in)


Chickpea brine blended well then blend in:
– 1/2 teaspoon mustard
– A good glug of olive oil
– A splash of lemon juice
(This makes loads and keeps well. I also blended in a clove of garlic for an extra kick)

This is so simple and down to personal preference that exact quantities don’t really matter – just taste and adjust accordingly as you go, then mix it all together with freshly cooked pasta. I added sweetcorn, onion, salt and pepper, then ate it straight from the pot and it was goooooooooooooooood.


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