A Green Guide to Christmas [Juice Warrior Blog]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and it’s also the most indulgent. We splash our cash and treat ourselves and others to fine food and generous gifts. While it’s a time of comfort and joy, we often overindulge and can end up overwhelmed, but with some simple steps and mindful merriment, you can have a feel-good festive season that’s good and green.


Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches, but how sad they seem when abandoned and unwanted on the pavement in the new year. Consider an even greener tree by making your own upcycled alternative or renting one.

You can rent a living potted Christmas tree from Locavore in Glasgow, which they’ll deliver to you and then collect in the New Year, to replant and prolong its life. I feel a bit like Phoebe in that episode of Friends where she wants to rescue all the unattractive unloved Christmas trees. Tree hugging and saving all the way!

You could also get crafty and make your own take on a tree from old wood and unwanted off-cuts, or make some eco decorations from old newspaper. Unique and eco-chic!


For me, Christmas is all about spending time with the people I love and being mindful and grateful in good company. I’m not really bothered about stuff and would happily do without yet another gift set or more things to find a place for. This year, the gifts I’m giving are experiences and things to be enjoyed.

Give the gift of goodness by treating your healthy foodie friend or family member to a Juice Warrior gift voucher. At this time of year, we’re all too busy rushing around and buying for everyone else that we often forget to look after ourselves. A gift like this is invaluable and often a treat that many would wish for but reluctantly indulge in. Anticipate the inevitable January detox mission with a thoughtful voucher for a welcome cleanse in the new year.


Ward off winter bugs and catching colds by getting lots of greens in. Dark green vegetables like kale, spinach and sprouts are crammed with nutrients and antioxidants, and adding some lemon juice will increase your absorption of iron with the addition of Vitamin C for extra winter wellness. Get your greens with morning juices or smoothies and pile your plate high with glorious greens at Christmas dinner.

Whatever your winter holds and however you choose to spend it, be mindful, grateful, healthy and happy. Here’s to a feel-good festive season.


Originally posted on Juice Warrior: A Green Guide to Christmas – Juice Warrior

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