71 Gin Bottles Standing on the Wall

Gin is in. No longer just the drink of choice for old ladies and harassed housewives (stereotypically speaking), it’s very much the drink of the moment and Glasgow’s first dedicated gin bar has seventy one sorts. This place has it sussed in terms of old-time indulgence. By day, it’s known as Cup Tea Lounge and offers up afternoon tea in swanky surroundings, but 6pm is very much gin o’clock and when the place really comes alive.

At the stroke of six, this beautiful building becomes Gin71 and where better to drink gin than this decadent den, with its opulent interior and all the heavenly gin you could ever dream of?

gin71 gin wall


I was invited along on the evening of the launch and oh what a launch it was. As soon as I arrived, I was handed a delicious raspberry Edinburgh gin and prosecco, which set the tone for the evening perfectly. Absolute class in a glass, which I enjoyed while admiring my surroundings. The whole place is a work of art and there’s so much to see and sample. The ceilings are sumptuous and the bottles themselves sit pride of place, in all their glory, overlooking the bar, for all to see.

cheers mirror


Trays of treats twirled around the room, as glasses clinked, while guests mingled and marvelled at the place. Those behind the bar mixed oodles of Boodles and all manner of delicious drinks, while entertaining and informing, with an impressive insight into the drinks they delivered. My favourite drink of the evening was Floradora and, boy, did I adore ‘er. It was a mouthwatering mix of Hendrick’s, raspberry syrup, lime and ginger ale, served in teapots, cups and saucers, which is a wonderful way to do it and I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with Hendrick’s any other way from now on.

floradora boodles



I’m a sucker for design, gin and all things old-timey and elegant, so this place is perfect for me. It’s well worth popping in for a peek, a sip and a sample, to soak up the electric atmosphere in Glasgow’s glorious gin bar. I didn’t sample all 71 gins, of course, but I’ll leave you with this picture which sums up how I felt the next day. Gin71, you devilish den of decadence, I’d do it all over again.




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