YO! Vegan Sushi!

I don’t visit YO! Sushi very much these days, as I had assumed it wasn’t very vegan-friendly, but I’m pleased to say I was very much mistaken. I stumbled upon this allergen menu, which details all the allergens for each item and it also gives nutritional information in a traffic light system, which I love. I’m very much a label-reader and I like to know exactly what I’m eating, so I love this menu and I thought I’d put together my own edited version of the things I can eat. So here it is, my vegan version of the YO! Sushi menu.







A lot of these items happen to be on the Blue Mondays menu, which consists of £2.50 dishes on the dullest day of the week – bonus!

So, there you go, a ‘cut out and keep’ guide to vegan sushi, or whatever the modern-day equivalent of that old adage may be.

PS: this post isn’t sponsored by YO! Sushi or anything like that – I just really like reading menus and planning all the amazing food I’m going to be eating. 

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