Vegan Bargains

As you’ve probably gathered, I love a good bargain and I also love food, so when the two are combined, it makes me very happy and even more so when it’s a vegan bargain! Here are some vegan bargains to fill your baskets and bellies with.

Hale & Hearty flapjacks are £2.50 per box at Tesco and they’re 3 for 2 at the moment, which works out at only 33p per bar! The majority of ‘free from’ snacks are on offer at Tesco right now, so it’s a good time to stock up.


While you’re at Tesco, you might want to stock up on the absolute King of accidentally-vegan biscuits: OREOS. They’re on offer at 54p at Tesco and they’re 50p at Asda, as are the chocolate ones. I loooooove Oreos and Tesco seems to have them on offer every couple of months, which makes me happy/fat.


Blackfriars flapjacks are a thrifty wee find at £1 for two at Poundland and the fruit and original ones are suitable for vegans. They’re huge and stodgy, like the best flapjacks are and they’re ideal for a cheap fill!

Image     Image

Poundland also sells Metcalfe’s dark chocolate rice cakes, which are delicious and I’m sure you can guess how much they are…


I love to stock up on vegan bargains when I spot them, because I like my food cheap, not nasty!

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