Sippin’ on Ginless Juice

This week I’ve been sippin’ on ginless juice (with my brain on my belly and my belly on my brain), in an attempt to detox and lose a few pounds. On Sunday, I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, as recommended by my pal and it gave me such a motivational boost to get juicing for the week ahead. I say juice, but they’re actually smoothies with water added, as I can’t bring myself to buy an expensive juicer and my good old Asda Smart Price blender works just fine.

Anyway, in the documentary film, Joe Cross embarks upon a sixty day juice fast and, as a result, cures himself of illness, improves his health significantly and loses fourteen stone in a day. This sort of thing fascinates me and I really do believe in food as medicine. Although I don’t have the willpower to last that long on juice alone, I was keen to give my system a reboot, which Joe recommends for everyone – just like you service your car, you service yourself (wait, that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean) and give your body a chance to sort itself out and get to work on making the inside healthy and nice, while improving the outside and getting rid of some excess weight.

I’m always on some sort of diet, but this seemed different and made sense. I decided to give it a go for five days and, while I cheated slightly on some days, I’m happy with how it went and I managed to lose six pounds! Day five isn’t over yet, but I couldn’t resist jumping on the scales and delighting in the fact that I’m six poon doon.

It’s no secret that I love talking about, reading about, writing about and eating FOOD, so I thought I would share my food diary, in case it may be of any use or interest to you. Also, I think that writing it down makes it real and gives me a reminder of how well I’ve done, how I did it and how happy it made me, should I fall off the health wagon again.


Apple and spinach juice
Beetroot, raspberry and grape juice
Carrot sticks and houmous
Sleep easy tea

monday          monday2


Strawberry and celery juice
Apple, spinach, raspberry and grape juice (using recycled leftovers from yesterday’s juice)
Nettle, peppermint and ginko tea
Carrot sticks and houmous
Stir fry of broccoli, mushrooms, beansprouts
A packet of M&S veggie jelly bunnies, which was reduced to 15p in M&S and was vegan-friendly, so I cleared the shelf, obviously. They contain spinach and apple as colouring, so they’re basically part of my five a day…

strawberelery          jelly


Blueberry and spinach juice
Strawberry and celery juice
A black coffee (don’t look at me, it was organic and my head was bursting)
Mango chunks
Grape, raspberry, blueberry and spinach juice


  • Roll ‘n’ potato scone and two black coffees

I was at a business breakfast, piled high with free food and I could not resist. It could have been worse, though, as I would easily have unashamedly eaten two or three in the past. I did walk 6.4 miles today, according to Google Maps, so I regret nothing.

  • Carrot sticks, with houmous and barbecue sauce

Blueberry and spinach juice, with flaxseed, chia seeds, grape juice and turmeric. I know turmeric is an odd addition but it has so many health benefits and by the time I added in all the other stuff, I couldn’t taste it at all.


Friday (today)

  • Naked Green Machine juice
  • Strawberry and celery juice
  • Stir fry of broccoli, mushrooms, beansprouts

This morning, I had a shop-bought juice, which was wonderful and felt like such a treat. It’s funny how quickly my mindset has changed as, ordinarily, I would be like ‘YAAASS, IT’S FRIDAY, LET’S GO TO THE CHIPPY’, but today I feel quite content and I plan to have a fake takeaway (or fakeaway, if you will) tonight for dinner.

I’m quite happy with how my working week went and I’m amazed that, in less than five days, I’ve managed to lose a bit of weight, sleep better and feel better. I notice in myself that my skin and eyes seem a bit clearer and brighter, and I’m certain it has done me the world of good, inside and out. I plan to continue on my juicing adventures and, while I’ll incorporate some more actual food into my diet, I’m in it for the long haul and on a quest for health and happiness. I want to live forever and look amazing while doing so, although my juice may not always be ginless.




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