Are Ye Dancin’?

These days, when someone says they’re going to the dancin’, they usually mean somewhere awful like The Garage and there isn’t very much in the way of actual dancin’, as everyone is too busy downing shots and winching the faces aff strangers. I wish I had been around in the days when people would actually go to the dancin’ to really dance to a live band, with the ladies kitted out in their finest tea dresses, with victory rolls in their hair, and the gentlemen sporting shined shoes, braces and a carefully combed quiff. There’s a lot to be said for that elegant era and I’ve always wished someone would bring back big band ballrooms and tea dances. Well, now they have.

Image              Image              Image

This Saturday and Sunday, the East End Social is bringing the big band back to the Barrowland Ballroom with two tea dances. There will be tea and there will de dancing, as That Swing Sensation soundtracks the soiree and provides the ideal old-time inspired environment for Glasgow to get together for a feel-good afternoon of fun and food. Whether you were there the first time around or are a first time foxtrotter, you’ll be warmly welcomed into Glasgow’s beloved ballroom.


At the other end of the city, the lovely Cushion & Cake is putting on a vintage tea dance of its own, as part of the West End Festival. On June 22nd there’ll be craft, cake and quickstepping, as guests gather to enjoy afternoon tea and an array of activity, including retro hairstyling and stalls of handmade and vintage treasures.


I, for one, can’t wait to get dolled up for an afternoon of tea and twirling and I’m glad Glasgow is looking to the good days for feel-good fun, fuelled by cups of tea and marvellous music.

The East End Social presents: Vintage Tea Dance – Saturday 3rd May
The East End Social presents: Vintage Tea Dance – Sunday 4th May
The Cushion & Cake Vintage Tea Dance – Sunday 22nd June


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