Cushion & Cake: Comfort Eating and Comfort Seating

The words cushion and cake instantly evoke the feelings of comfort and contentment that come from enjoying the items themselves. There’s something so comforting about sinking your teeth into a big stodgy slice of cake, or getting comfy against the cuddle of a cushion. Comfort eating and comfort seating, that’s what it’s all about and Cushion & Cake knows that only too well.


Comfortable, cosy, quirky and kitsch, this kitchen-like corner of the west end is a wonderful one. We sat ourselves down on pastel-coloured French country kitchen chairs, while being served pots of loose tea and cake stands piled high with sweet treats and eats. The lovely owner, Pamela, even made a batch of vegan and gluten free chocolate cookies, which she told us she’s happy to do with a bit of notice. Fitting forties and fifties music wafted through the place, as wartime women and croaky crooners accompanied our evening and sang sweetly as we clattered our cups and saucers and chatted over china.



Hidden away on Old Dumbarton Road, this may be a place you wouldn’t ordinarily stumble upon, but it’s well worth wandering west to be welcomed into this pretty, pastel palace of comfort and cosiness.


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