I’m a Complete and Utter Peanut Butter Nutter

Is it possible to overdose on peanut butter? I can’t get enough of the stuff and I’m not alone. Raquel eats it straight from the jar (with a FORK), Charlene buys it by the kilogram and my boyfriend and I plough through jars and jars of the stuff every week.



There was that one devastating day when I reached for the old faithful favourite and opened an empty jar (WHY would anyone put it back in the cupboard?!), before deciding on jam instead, which was also empty! It was traumatic, to say the least, but I’ve since made sure my cupboards are crammed, so I never have to suffer that awful experience again.


Obviously I’m quite unhealthily attached to the stuff (but it IS healthy) so I was over the moon when Real Foods sent me some to try. The postman brought me this lovely jar of Meridian crunchy peanut butter and, even before opening, I liked its glass jar and ethical ethos. I’m not a fan of plastic packaging and I’m wary of the chemicals that can creep into food from it, so I opt for glass when I can and I shun the cheaper brands that come in plastic tubs and are usually packed with unpleasant ingredients. That’s another reason why I liked the look of the label – it only listed one ingredient: peanuts. Just peanuts. Roasted and ground. Simple goodness.



I rarely buy crunchy peanut butter and I tend to opt for a smooth operator, as I usually find the crunchy stuff far too thick and impossible to spread, however this stuff isn’t like any I’ve tried before. Unlike most chunky varieties that resemble cement and break your toast in half, this glides like a dream and is the perfect consistency for spreading, dipping, or eating straight from the jar (which I did, just to have a proper taste, of course).



This is the nuttiest of any peanut butter I’ve tried, reminiscent of dry roasted peanuts and blended beautifully to make it smooth and spreadable, with lovely wee chunks throughout. I love that it only contains one ingredient and that’s all it needs. Here’s to the peanut, the butter it becomes and all the peanut butter nutters who love it so much.

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