Sunday: a piece ‘n’ sausage with broon sauce and a braw brew

Sundays are the last chance to cling to the weekend, before the working week begins all over again and so, we generally spend them indoors, eating, lounging and dreading Monday morning, or at least I do. No matter how much we love our jobs, or how long a break we’ve had, there’s always a feeling of fear in that last day off, as we cling to our weekend for dear life and cram in as much food and telly as possible, while doing very little.

My Sunday was a typical one and it all began with a comforting breakfast of a piece ‘n’ sausage and a strong cup of tea. Zombie-like, I stumbled out of bed and straight to the kitchen, in search of something stodgy and tasty, and this Scottish staple was just what I needed.


I cooked up some Linda McCartney sausages, which are permanent fixtures in my freezer and I poured on some broon sauce from Maw Broon’s Kitchen, which was amazing. I loved the sauce instantly, as I love The Broons and I loved the label and Scottish style, right down to it being called ‘broon’ sauce, which works wonderfully as Scottish slang and as a wee nod to the Broons themselves. The actual sauce was marvellous and reminded me of a cross between that vinegary brown sauce you get from the chippy and the fruity brown sauce you used to get (does that still exist?). It was sweet and tangy, with a peppery kick and really made my meal. I also like the fact that it was made locally and comes in such a beautiful bottle, so Maw Broon will definitely be invited back into my kitchen.


Alongside my piece ‘n’ sausage I had a nice cup of Brew’s the Daddy tea, which was amazingly malty, while making a good, strong cup of traditional tea, with a lovely after-taste.


I’ve recently fallen in love with Brewhaha all over again, as I used to love their cafe in Buchanan Galleries, with its pop art prints and retro decor, as well as an entire menu of tea and loads of sweet treats. I was gutted when it closed, as it was a pleasant alternative to dark and dreary coffee shops and I loved a wee jasmine green tea of an afternoon, so I was delighted when I discovered that they’re still very much in business and selling their lovely tea all over the place.


I’m glad to see Bunty is still on board, as she does a wonderful job as the face of this fabulous tea and makes the boxes look like a work of art as they sit proudly on the shelf. Another of my favourites is Brewhaha’s Rose Tea, which smells and tastes like Turkish Delight and really does make a delightful cup of Rosie Lee.


I think Bunty and Maw Broon make lovely kitchen companions and even better since they’re both proud Scottish ladies, fronting good local brands. The best Sundays are about breakfast and the best breakfasts are accompanied by a good cup of tea and a big dollop of sauce. These ladies and their braw brews and broon sauce are welcome in my house anytime.

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