Fabulous Fizz, Cheap Champers and Bargain Bubbles

There’s a real sense of occasion that comes with a bottle of bubbly: the ceremonious popping of the cork, the fancy flutes and the beautiful bubbles that sparkle and crackle, before being sipped, savoured and going straight to your head, leaving you with a wee glow and a bubbly buzz.

It always feels like a treat to pop open a bottle of something sparkling and, even if it isn’t a particularly special occasion, it adds a certain elegance to an evening and feels fancy and fabulous. These days, it really doesn’t have to be saved for the most special of occasions, as there are so many great bottles of bubbles to suit all budgets and it’s even better when there’s a bargain to be had. Here are some nice bottles of fizz I’ve found which are a pleasing price.

Asda: Fillipo Sansovino Prosecco = £5 each or 3 for £12


I actually prefer prosecco to champagne, as I find it slightly sweeter and much easier to drink and so I was chuffed when I discovered Fillipo Sansovino Prosecco for a fiver, which is a belter of a bargain and even more so because you can currently buy 3 for £12! I’m amazed at how good a price that is for a bottle of fancy fizz and I’ll definitely be buying in bulk to fill my fridge with fizz, Ab Fab style.



Asda: Marques de Monistrol Vintage Rose Cava = £5 or 3 for £12

If I’m shopping for cava, I always keep an eye out for one costing around a fiver, although it usually requires some shopping around and a bit of luck in finding one that’s on offer. This rose cava is right on the money and you can’t go wrong with fizz for a fiver, so it’s even better that you can get three of these for £12 – far less than you’d pay for just one bottle in some supermarkets!



Tesco: Louis Delaunay Champagne Brut Non Vintage = £12.99

If the occasion calls for something more up-market Tesco is currently selling this beautiful bottle of champers for half price, so it’s worth popping in to pick up this posh plonk, which would normally set you back over twenty quid.




That should keep your fridge filled with fabulous fizz for sunny days and soirées, so drink up, darling.



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