Sweet, Sweet Potatoes

I love sweet potatoes. I enjoy adding them to my vegetable curries and I’m a big fan of Stereo‘s sweet potato chips, which are satisfyingly squidgy and covered in garlic and rosemary.

Health-conscious quirky-cook, Gizzi Erskine once made brownies with them and I even ‘invented’ sweet potato scones (the savoury sort you’d have in a fry up), which were delicious fried in a little coconut oil.

I was delighted to read that the sweet potato is the most nutritious vegetable around, as it’s so rare for something so tasty to be so good for you and this only fuelled my fandom even further.

Last week I paid a visit to Munro’s, partly because I was keen to try out their Secret DJ app and be able to pick my very own playlist from the comfort of my bar booth, but also because the menu promised sweet potato fries. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, as the crispy, sweet, glorious and golden fries arrived alongside a G&T, which were the perfect partners and were promptly devoured.


Just when I thought my sweet potato passion couldn’t get any greater, I discovered sweet potato crisps. CRISPS. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I was even more chuffed to discover that they were being made in my very own city: Glasgow, famed for fatties and poor health. Not California, where superfoods and fads are fashioned, but Glasgow!

Image        Image        Image

I was chuffed to stumble upon Hectares sweet potato crisps and proud to have found a local company, making healthier snacks with my favoured food. I tried the piri piri ones first, which were full of flavour, with a lovely crunch to them and that sweet, sweet potato taste coming through. The next day I sampled the slightly salted which were sweet, salty and just as tasty as the last ones. Still hungry and craving the crunch of those sweet snacks, I ripped open my last packet, giddy with greed and anticipation. The sea salt and black pepper were unbelievably amazing – sweet, salty, peppery and perfect; the crunchiest of them all and coated in that finger-licking fiery flavour that lingers on your taste buds long after it leaves.

After savouring those sweet and peppery potato snacks, I read the packet, congratulating myself on opting for such a saintly snack and I was interested to learn that the makers are keen to convert 1% of the conventional crisp-buying market to the sweeter side of life, by buying their sweet potato crisps.

As you may have gathered by now, I am convinced, converted and concerned that I’ve run out of sweet, sweet potato crisps. I’m very much #teamhectares and an enthusiastic eater and advocate of the sensational superfood that is the sweet potato.



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