Rude Health and Good Service

Last week, Briony and I were chatting about how much we love almond milk and, when I saw her tweeting to ask Papercup if they would consider getting some in, I chimed in enthusiastically. I mentioned that I would also be keen on the option of almond milk in my coffee and I recommended the Rude Health almond milk I use, as it’s really creamy and I imagined it would work well.

Later that very same day,Ā the people at Papercup reported back with their frothy findings and had bought in that exact product, based onĀ our request and recommendation.

It was absolutely amazing of them to cater for their customers so considerately and it makes a massive difference when a place like this pays attention to the opinions of punters and makes the extra effort to give the people what they want.

Today, I was in the mood for a nice coffee and the instant office offerings just wouldn’t cut it, so I decided to cycle over and pay a visit to Papercup. Google informed me I could cycle there in eleven minutes and I decided it was worth a sunny cycle on my lunch break. My heart sank when I arrivedĀ as theĀ girl at the counter shook her head when I asked if they had almond milk, but the guy beside her overheard and opened the fridge to reveal a carton of the wonderful stuff. I could almost hear the stereotypical, cinematic sound of a choir of angels singing – that’s how happy I was at the sight of the stuff – it almost glowed gold like the contents of that suitcase in Pulp Fiction.

Anyway, I ordered an almond milk flat white, handed over my Ā£2.30 and watched in wonder as they crafted my coffee with an array of apparatus I had never seen before. Never mind your costly coffee chains, this stuff is the real deal. Never before have I had a coffee that tasted even better than it smelled – I didn’t even know it was possible to translate that coffee bean smell into the drink itself, but it is and it’s good. Perfectly prepared with velvety almond milk, this coffee was a cracker and well worth the 3.4 miles I cycled there and back (ta, Google Maps).


I’m so happy Papercup paid attention to the pleas of its punters and their delicious drinks speak for themselves. I’m glad almond milk is slowly but surely making its way into Glasgow’s coffee shops and I hope it’s here to stay. If you’re in need of perking up, head to PapercupĀ and ingest that intoxicating aroma in a cup of quality coffee.



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