Old at Heart #throwblogthursday

I hereby declare today and every Thursday from now on, #throwblogthursday.

Here’s a post of mine from last year, which I saved from an old blog of mine which doesn’t exist anymore.

26th March 2013

Old at Heart

While I may have the wandering brain of an anxious adolescent, it seems that I have quite a lot in common with the older generation. Ironic, since I seem to have such a hard time adapting to adulthood, but maybe I’m simply skipping the middle part and reading ahead; fast-forwarding to the best bit.

Old lady things I enjoy include drinking tea, rummaging in charity shops, listening to The Andrews Sisters and wishing life was like the old days. Also, I’ve recently been thinking I want a shampoo and set (yes, really).

I spend a lot of time faffing about with brushes and rollers, trying to achieve big hair that will stay turned-under and in place for more than ten minutes, so I don’t know why I haven’t thought of it before! Think about it, in the fifties and sixties, women would have their hair done weekly, styled into beautiful beehives, bouffants or curls that became iconic images of their time. So, really, I don’t know why it isn’t the done thing among the younger generations these days. Also, I quite like the idea of relaxing under a hood dryer, with a cup of tea and a magazine, while my hair takes shape. Those old ladies have got it sussed.

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