Free Things to Fill Your Eyes and Ears with This Week

Here’s a list of free things to fill your eyes and ears with in Glasgow this week.

Monday 10th March

On Monday evenings at Sleazy’s you’ll find the best open mic night in the city, with free beer for performers and everything from old-time crooners to improvised comedy rap, with plenty of singing and strumming in between. It’s the most eclectic and impressive open mic night I’ve been to and is well worth attending.


Tuesday 11th March

It’s worth paying a visit to Sleazy’s again on Tuesday for The Incredibly Strange Film Night, as they’re celebrating their 2nd birthday. Doors are at 7pm and the evening will begin with a mystery movie, with birthday cake at intermission, followed by so-bad-it’s-good B-movie, Troll 2.


Wednesday 12th March

The Art School is hosting an evening of discussion on music, the work and the wage on Wednesday at 6pm, with input from musicians, industry experts and indie entrepreneurs to keep you informed and entertained.


Thursday 13th March

On Thursday evening, Linn Lounge presents Nile Rogers & Chic at Malmaison. Unfortunately the artists themselves won’t be there, but you can listen to high-quality recordings of good music, in swanky surroundings, with free refreshments – a nice midweek treat!


Friday 14th March

On Friday at 5pm, you can see Sundance award-winning Indie Game: The Movie at Glasgow University‘s Andrew Stewart Cinema. This documentary film explores the underbelly of the video game industry and how developers destroy themselves for the love of the game.


Saturday 15th March

On Saturday afternoon, it’s well worth making your way to MacSorley’s to enjoy their ragtime, jazz and blues band, from 2.30pm until 5.30pm. It’s a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and it’s worth getting in early as these old charmers have quite a following and the tables fill up quickly.



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