Las Iguanas: Feast, Feathers and Fiesta

As soon as I arrived at Las Iguanas, I felt relaxed and in holiday mode. The cocktails were flowing, the smell of good food was in the air and the music and maracas made me want to shake my shoulders, all before I had even sat down, so I knew I was in for a good night.

It was the launch of Las Iguanas’ Glasgow restaurant and I was immediately impressed by the size of the place and how it managed to be grand and cosy all at once, while feeling like it had been there all along. Spirits were high, not only in the delicious cocktail concoctions, but all around at the tables and bars, as people chatted excitedly and soaked up the sizzling atmosphere.

Image    Image

Rather unusually and much to my delight, Las Iguanas has separate menus for vegetarian, vegan and gluten free diners, in addition to their main menu, so there’s something for everyone and plenty to go around. I was overjoyed to discover that the guacamole was vegan-friendly as standard and it was even more delicious than any cream-crammed counterparts. I also had mushroom fajitas which were wonderful and the mushrooms themselves were marinated so marvellously that they were full of flavour and really packed a punch. My dining companions enjoyed quesadillas, duck taquitos and so many delicious dishes that they were full to the brim, although there’s always room for dessert and an impressive array of cakes and brownies were served as a sweet treat to perk up guests in time for the evening’s entertainment.

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Image    Image

Next, in a flurry of feathers, glitz and glamour, out came two dancing dames, who managed to entertain in their underwear, without seeming seedy or inappropriate, with their showbiz smiles and fancy footwork. As the evening went on, the admiring audience were invited up to dance, as the feathered females and the salsa-dancing staff showed them how it was done. 

Image    Image

I had a fantastic evening at Las Iguanas and really enjoyed the delicious drinks, fiery food and scintillating entertainment. It’s the place to go for a feast, fiesta and lively Latin evening in the heart of Glasgow.

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