The Finnieston: The Finest in Town

The Finnieston is fast becoming a firm favourite of mine. I often pass this inviting and cosy-looking place on my lunch break and I had been meaning to visit for quite a while. One chilly afternoon, along with a couple of work pals, I ventured inside, in search of some soup to heat me up.

I instantly loved the place, due to its homely fireplace and old wooden tables, as well as its big comfy booths and carafes of water served as standard (I love a place that serves water without having to ask for it and, oddly, I tend to find that it happens in the nicest of places, rather than lesser establishments who seem to look down on you for ordering tap water).

We ordered the soup of the day from the friendly waitress, while asking for our bread to be served without butter and she was on-the-ball enough to ask if we were vegan (two of us are), before breaking the news that the soup had butter in it. We were slightly disappointed, but set about scanning the menu for an alternative option, however the waitress popped off to have a word with the chef and returned saying that he could whip us up some pea soup, no problem at all. The specially-made soup was absolutely delicious and we were bowled over by how considerate and helpful the staff had been, as the waitress also chatted to us about how the kitchen staff recommended we check out Hanoi Bike Shop sometime, as they have an excellent vegan selection.

I loved my first experience at The Finnieston, as the food was lovely, the service was spectacular and the staff and surroundings were warm and welcoming. This experience alone was enough to have me declaring my love for the place to my pals and colleagues, but it was only the tip of the iceberg. Speaking of icebergs, my next trip here began with a pretty glass of water, containing an iceberg of Titanic proportions, which impressed me, but the best was yet to come. I had come along on the evening of The Finnieston’s Best of the West Tasting Menu and Wine Dinner:


I was keen to get involved although, as a vegan diner, I didn’t expect to be fed as well as those here for the main attraction, but oh how wrong I was! I was amazed to arrive to my very own vegan menu, which was above and beyond any expectation or requirement but for which I was so grateful:


My considerately catered menu was marvellous and each course was complemented by an accompanying wine. It was a glorious experience of perfectly paired drinks and dishes, with Frank Bradley keeping the bottles and banter flowing.

Image Image Image

 ImageImage Image

 Image Image  label

From the delighted squeals of my dining companion, I gathered that the main menu was also amazing. He assured me that everything was perfectly cooked and carefully combined and, as you can see from the pictures above, each dish was perfectly presented.

I left, not stuffed and steaming, but perfectly balanced like the food itself and I floated home on a cloud of contentment after such a wonderful evening of being looked after by the lovely folk at The Finnieston. It makes such a difference when a place is run by and filled with genuinely decent people who are happy to gab away to you like an old friend, while exuding passion and enthusiasm for what they do.

I know this is such a gushing declaration of adoration, but trust me and book a table if you haven’t already been to The Finnieston as it really is the finest in town, best of the west and is unparalleled in its excellence.

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