Glasgow’s Glorious East End: Social, Swallying and Swapping

I’m a very proud Glaswegian at the moment, due to the city’s absolute explosion of amazing art, music, food, booze and banter. It’s not that these things are new or unusual to Glasgow, but creativity is at an all time high and it seems like everything is happening in our glorious city right now. Although, rather unusually, there’s a lot of interest and excitement in the east end, so move over, Wendies, it’s oor time to shine!

No longer just a row of Hairdressers and old man pubs, Duke Street has developed beautifully, with the addition of cosy cafes like Tibo and hidden gems ripe for rummaging, like the swap shop. We’re now spoilt for choice in terms of coffee-drinking and charity-shopping, although despite the abundance of old man pubs, we’ve been lacking a decent local for a long time, so the new Drygate bar and brewery will be warmly welcomed.

Scottish indie music label and industry experts, Chemikal Underground, have been operating out of the east end for the best part of two decades and they too noticed the lack of east end events and arts opportunities in the area. It’s not that there’s a lack of creativity or musical activity in the area – far from it – it’s just that opportunities are few and far between, so the marvellous musos came up with The East End Social: four months of musically-focused, interactive arts events, gigs and goings-on in the east end.

I am absolutely ecstatic about these east-end-additions and I cannot wait to see what’s in store from Chemikal Underground and everyone involved in The East End Social. It’s an exciting time to be an east-ender and a Glaswegian in general, so keep your peepers peeled for upcoming events.


  1. […] over, Wendies, it’s oor time to shine!”, one local “banter loving” lifestyle blogger recently proclaimed, heralding the news that Duke Street – one of the main precincts through the east end – is no […]

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