Locavore: Honest Box Canteen


I’m a big fan of squashing words together to make new words, so I was happy to discover that locavore had made it into the dictionary, not only because I enjoy the word, but because of what it stands for. I like to eat locally and I believe in supporting local business, so I was chuffed to discover south-side community group, Locavore, who share my passion for lovely, local, good food.

Glasgow is a great place to be at the moment for foodies, as there are a lot of clever cooks and exciting initiatives cropping up all over the place, with pop up shops, street food events and greater quality than ever before. One of these upcoming events is Locavore’s Honest Box Canteen, which is a donate-what-you-want-dinner-party with an organic, locally-sourced and sustainable menu. Diners can bring along their own booze and, although tickets are free, guests are encouraged to donate whatever they wish.

This is a lovely community event and one where people can break bread and be brought together over good food, while gaining an insight into what we eat and where it comes from. I hope to see many more of these belly-filling, eye-opening events.

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