New Cook on the Block

This wee shop does as the title suggests: they do the cooking for you, so all you have to do is heat it up. Leave your previous perceptions of ready meals at the door, though, as this is restaurant-quality food of the highest standard, with the convenience of being able to pop in on your way home from work, for delicious dishes that someone else has lovingly prepared.

cook shop                                                                   

You could serve up these dishes at a dinner party, although whether or not you choose to take credit for the cooking is up to you. You can even buy their red casserole dishes which are made to suit the two or four portion packs, would be ideal for serving from and are a pretty kitchen addition in their own right.


The owner, David, is passionate about this place and is on hand to help and answer any questions about the food on offer. He was kind enough to check which dishes were vegan-friendly and I’m impressed with the offerings: Thai Butternut Squash Soup, Vegetable and Chickpea Curry, Red Lentil and Mixed Bean Casserole and Mediterranean 4 Bean Casserole.

Like the food itself, everything has been precisely prepared with care and attention, from the charming chalk board signs on the wall, to the wicker shopping baskets which I loved. After only a few days in operation, David informs me that they’re extending their opening hours to meet demand and that’s just the sort of place this is, happy to help, with a customer focus and always keen to accommodate.


I think Cook will do well here and it’s well worth a visit, to marvel over the beautifully presented, delicious dishes and pick up some good food to impress your pals with.


COOK Glasgow
498 Great Western Road
G12 8EW

t: 0141 334 0302


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