Craft Beer and Crafty Beards

As a Dennistoun dweller, I’m in desperate need of a decent local, so I was delighted to hear that the bosses behind Tennent’s have teamed up with Williams Bros to create a brand new bar and brewery nearby. As an old-fashioned, east end grafter, my dad drinks Tennent’s, whereas my creative, craft-beer-quaffing boyfriend’s favourite beer is Williams Bros’ Grozet, so the new brewers on the block have been clever to capture the local market by combining the qualities of both brands.


I was invited along to Drygate’s label launch at Glasgow Print Studio last night, where Art School alumni designs were displayed and each one was inspired by the drink upon which it will be draped. Beards appeared to be a common theme throughout and I enjoyed the combination and contrast of lumberjacks and fishermen, with the more abstract and avant-garde, which complement one another wonderfully and offer a wee nod to the grafters and creatives.


I sampled their Apple Ale, which was absolutely glorious and I’m already excited about being able to pop in for a pint of it on my way home on a summer’s evening. I can’t wait for Drygate Brewing Co to open its Duke Street doors in a few months and I look forward to enjoying a bevy of beards and beers.


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