Happy Birthday to Me

You say it’s your birthday – it’s my birthday too, yeah, sang The Beatles and, every year, this song pops into my head. If we were pals, Phoebe Buffay would play this song on her guitar and Patty Andrews and I would sing along, in the style of The Andrews Sisters. I know Phoebe is just a fictional character, but she and Patty were born on this day and I quite like the fact that I share the day with other quirky, creative broads.

Without knowing the birthday significance of the two, my boyfriend got me Beatles and Andrews Sisters presents, which was a happy coincidence as I love both bands anyway and the birthday banter was just an added bonus.


I recently made a pal at work who, like me, is a label-reading, banter-loving vegan, who digs recycling and has an audio-obsessed Sound Engineer for a boyfriend. As if the similarity wasn’t spooky enough, it turns out that we both share the same birthday, which blows my mind. Although I don’t know much about astrology and I’m slightly sceptical, I do enjoy reading about Aquarian traits and marvelling at how well they describe me. Whatever the explanation, there does seem to be something to the similarity between people born at the same time.

My other Aquarian pal also enjoys reading about how weird and wonderful we are and made me this brilliant birthday card of famous faces who share the sign.


According to the internet, Phoebe, Patty, my pals and I share unconventional and quirky qualities, while wishing to save the world. I know it’s rather self indulgent, but it’s my birthday and I’ll astrologise if I want to!

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