Glasgow’s Nuts for Doughnuts

When I was wee, I used to visit The Barras with my parents on a Saturday and the highlight of my day was when we would get a warm bag of freshly made doughnuts from one of the many vending vans. As you would expect from the beloved Barras, they were cheap, cheerful, greasy and good, costing a quid for five and I still have a warm and sugary taste-memory of them. Although a stereotypically American staple enjoyed by coffee-drinking-cops and Homer Simpson, doughnuts are close to the (unhealthy) hearts of Glaswegians and The Barras was just the beginning.

A couple of years ago, decadent-doughnut-dispensers Krispy Kreme came to town with free doughnuts, much to the greedy glee of Glaswegians. I was one of the thousand saddos who queued up excitedly and waited for hours, to then be rewarded with a free dozen doughnuts. I remember a passing old man asking me what everyone was queueing up for and then laughing and shaking his head when I said it was for free doughnuts, as if we were all mental free-loading grubbers. So what if we were? He obviously didn’t understand that it was Krispy Kreme doughnuts on offer here and not your bog standard Barras baking. Millie’s Cookies also got in on the PR action by handing out some freebies, which my sister and I happily/greedily accepted.


The clever crowd behind Krispy Kreme have done a good job of positioning their products to celebrity status and creating crack-like cravings so great that Glaswegians are driving all the way to Edinburgh on a weekly basis just to get their fix. The cheeky wee secret is that Lidl sells their own version of the glazed classic for just 25p each and you can find another own-brand alternative at Tesco.

I recently noticed Good Luck Kid‘s pictures and patter popping up all over the internet and they seem to be doing a great job of building a name for themselves by appearing at events around Glasgow and producing quality doughnuts (quite literally, in terms of their organic offerings and also as a Glaswegian-slang-seal-of-approval).


With the promise of peanut butter doughnuts, I was immediately interested, although having gone vegan since the days of glazed-gorging, I knew that it was unlikely they would be suitable. I decided to email Good Luck Kid anyway, just in case they had anything suitable on offer. As I assumed, they didn’t have any vegan options, but they were lovely enough to inform me that Mono has vegan doughnuts on offer and even directed me to amazing images of them! They had no reason to be so decent and helpful and could easily have dismissed me since I obviously wasn’t going to be buying any of their baking anyway, but the friendly recommendation put such a smile on my face and there’s nothing like a nice, normal person at the end of an email who responds and recommends just like a pal. They’ll be at the Squid & Whale on Sunday 16th February from 12:30 and are worth checking out. These decent dudes deserve good things and hopefully a home sweet home to spread the joy from.

After such a declaration of adoration to the creation, I’m dying for a doughnut and will be heading to Mono in the morning to dish my dough on some of theirs.

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