Gratis Glasgow Grub

I enjoy food: making food, eating food, talking about food and talking about the food I’m going to be eating or making. This is made even better when the food is FREE. They say the best things in life are free and I think one of the best things in life is FOOD, so read on if you like your food free.

Burrito fans may already be aware of Glasgow-favourite, Pinto, but did you know they’re opening their newest restaurant, Pinto 3? On February 18th, Pinto opens the doors of its new Hope Street home at 11:30am and free food fans should get there early, as the first person through the door gets free burritos for a month and the following four folks get free burritos for a week. The first thousand Pinto 3 punters will get a free burrito on the day and if you’re lucky you might bet a bottle of sauce too.

Pinto is also running the following competitions in the run up to the big day, so get involved if you’re feeling lucky/hungry:

  • Mexican food fans can get creative in declaring their love for the cuisine by tweeting a poem using the hashtag #PintoIsMyValentine and the winner will get to cut the ribbon on the big opening day.


  • If you’re feeling gallus you can take on Pinto’s “Hombre V Food” challenge by trying a spoon-of-habanero-heat for the chance to win some burrito buddy cards, a bottle of hot sauce and general bragging rights.


Purveyors of posh ready meals, Cook, will be opening the doors of their Glasgow kitchen on Great Western Road on 20th February and they’re having a launch party from 6pm until 8pm. Locals, foodies and freebie fans are invited to come along and meet the new cook on the block and enjoy an evening of samples and socialising.

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