Why I Love Loyalty Cards

I know there’s no such thing as loyalty these days when it comes to shopping, as we’re all after the best deals, however I’m a huge fan of loyalty cards. Here are the cards I think are worth signing up for, with some tips on how to get the most out of them.

Tesco Clubcard gives you a point per pound you spend, which doesn’t sound like much at all, but it’s surprising how quickly they add up and, although each point is only worth a penny, there are ways to get more pennies for your points. My favourite way to use my points is by using Clubcard Boost, which allows me to get four times the value of my points, (£10 per £2.50) to I use my points on vouchers for dining out, which is a nice treat and preferable to a couple of quid off my shopping.

I’m a fairly new Nectar Card owner and, although the points seem slow in adding up and they’re only worth half a penny each, there are lots of ways to earn them. In addition to collecting points at Sainsbury’s, Homebase and BP, to name a few, I’ve found some other ways to boost my points, which have been mounting up nicely: I love adverts, so Nectar adpoints is ideal for me and all you have to do is watch adverts of your choice and you earn points for doing so. The other day I earned twenty points in as many minutes and it doesn’t cost a thing, so is well worth doing when you have a few spare minutes here and there. You can also link your Nectar Card to your Ebay account, which gives you a point per pound you spend and it’s always good to get a little something extra when buying things you would have done anyway. There’s also a Nectar Toolbar, which gives you 100 points just for downloading it and then you collect points for searching and surfing as you would normally.

The Boots Advantage Card is the old classic and the most generous, offering four points per pound you spend. Each point is worth a penny when redeeming in-store and you can easily top up your points by looking out for special offers and making use of the advantage card machines in-store, which give tailored bonus point vouchers and are always worth a look.

The John Lewis card is a new one and I was hooked immediately due to their offer of free coffee and cake. With this card your purchases get you entries into prize draws and they’ll send you six months worth of vouchers for a free tea/coffee and cake per month, which is particularly great since there’s no obligation to spend any money and a hot drink and sweet treat would normally cost around £5 here.

The Waitrose card is my new favourite and offers members a free hot drink and a newspaper each day, as well as a 10% discount on their Essentials range. Waitrose also offered a free bottle of champagne with online orders in January and they seem to prefer instant loyalty incentives of discounts and free things, rather than delayed rewards from cashing in on points.

I’m sure there are plenty more loyalty cards around, but at the moment, these are the ones that I’ve deemed worthy of a place in my purse. Do let me know if you’ve discovered any other good ones.

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